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Punch et la balle

Minimising  food waste, local and circular economy

To support local and circular economy, we were looking for solutions to upcycle the brewer’s spent grain that usually ends up in the trash.

Our insects are fed with left overs from the mill and don’t use much water, land surfaces or Co2.

We love dogs and want to help contribute to a waste free world. Quite naturally our local start-up sought to revalue these spent grains with good nutritional qualities. So we decided to use malted barley as the basis of our recipes. In fact, the brewer’s spent grain is all natural and good for your dog. The natural fibers, rich in protein and low in gluten, burn slowly to sustain energy level and appetite.

The fight against waste and the promotion of the local economy are important to us, which is why we have decided to work with brewers close to our place of production. These brewers had few outlets for the spent grains, which were largely discarded. We go on foot to collect the spent grains and we produce quality dog ​​crackers in our kitchen next door.

The quality of our cookies is just as important, which is why our cookies are free from additives or preservatives.